Rev. Mike Fordham

Senior Pastor

Rev. Mike Toluba

Associate Pastor

Amanda Blanton

Director of Nursery and Childcare

Lauren Brown

Associate Director of Killearn Kids Ministries

Matt Brown

Director of Celebrate Recovery

Kathy Chitty

Office Ministry Assistant

Miriam Dady

Director of Connection

Sheri Dodge

Director of Discipleship

Leah Evanson

Executive Assistant to the Pastors

Debbie Garven

Director of Traditional Worship

Elizabeth Giles

Director of Killearn Kids Preschool

César Guerra

Maintenance Technician and Custodian

Kathy Hodge

Church Treasurer

Mandi Lane

Director of Killearn Kids Ministries

Joel Larson

Director of Contemporary Worship

Trent Mills

Director of  Student Ministries

Lauren Page

Multimedia and Production Manager

Steven Rudzik

Director of Operations

Jenny Santiago

Director of  Killearn Kids Camps

Theresa Savage

Associate Director of Children's Ministries

Tim Southwick

Lead Audio Engineer

Jennie Thompson

Assistant to Worship Arts

Sally Tomblin

Fiscal Assistant

Krystal Wester

Office Ministry Assistant