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July 3   |   "God of Promises"

EXODUS 3:7-10, 16-17
Coming Soon.

June 26   |   "He Still Speaks"

EXODUS 3:1-6
If listening is a challenge in our communication with each other, it is certainly just as challenging to listen carefully to God. When is the last time we heard God speak to us or that we have intentionally taken the time and effort to listen to God? God actually speaks to us all the time-- the question is, are we listening?

June 19   |   "God Is in the Details"

EXODUS 2:1-10
When we are going through tough times it may feel like God is missing. We might honestly ask, “Where is God?” Yet, when we look at God’s Word, God reminds His people that God is always with us, in the good and the bad, and God is in control as He is working out all the details of our lives.