After many months of discussion and prayerful consideration, our Church Council unanimously voted to give our church members the opportunity to vote at a Church Conference.

Sunday,  September 11   |   6 PM   |   Sanctuary

You can also join us in prayer on Wednesday mornings from 7:30 - 8:30 AM, thru September 7.

Summer Conversations Update

We will a have Finale Summer Conversation on Sunday, August 28 at 6:00 PM in our Sanctuary.
You will have an opportunity to ask any clarifying questions and hear the heart of our Pastors for our Killearn church family. 


The questions and responses below are provided by Church Council.
You may direct any questions or comments to Lori Rowe, Chair of Church Council, at
1. Why did the Church Council vote to recommend Disaffiliation?

John Wesley issued the cautionary warning: “In all cases, the Church is to be judged by the Scripture, not the Scripture by the Church.” While some at Killearn may not be aware, the United Methodist Church is irreconcilably divided over many significant issues of belief and doctrine. Among the churches within the UMC there is a wide variety of opinions as to the authority of, approach to, and application of Scripture. Too many look to the culture as the source of authority and not God’s Word. This leads the UMC to a theological impasse. On paper we profess that we believe one thing. In practice many leaders of the UMC espouse a wide range of theological and doctrinal beliefs, even beliefs that directly contradict the basic creeds of our faith.

The UMC is also at an institutional impasse. UMC leaders are inconsistent in their approach to holding ministers and laity accountable to the Book of Discipline. Some provisions are enforced; others are flouted without consequence.  The divisions will likely grow wider at the 2024 General Conference. Many expect that the UMC will move even further away from traditional, orthodox beliefs. These differences have led us to recommend that Killearn disaffiliate from the UMC.
2. Why are we using paragraph 2553 to disaffiliate?

It is the only avenue that the United Methodist Church will allow a church to use to depart from the UMC and keep our property and all our assets. Although paragraph 2548.2 provides another option authorized under the Book of Discipline for churches to separate from the UMC-one used many times in the past-churches are not permitted to separate from the UMC under paragraph 2548.2. Recently, one hundred six Florida churches filed a lawsuit seeking to compel the conference to negotiate more favorable terms to disaffiliate. Using paragraph 2553 has significant costs to Killearn, but by the grace of God Killearn has the resources to pay these costs. Our Church Council recommends disaffiliation under paragraph 2553 as it is the most peaceful avenue for Killearn to separate from the UMC.
3. What are the requirements under 2553 to disaffiliate?

Full members of Killearn UMC present at the called church conference must vote by a two-thirds majority to approve disaffiliation.

Local churches that are disaffiliating must pay any unpaid apportionments for the twelve months prior (of which we do not owe anything) to the effective date of disaffiliation PLUS an additional equal amount representing 12 months of future apportionments.

Disaffiliating churches must also pay the share of unfunded pension liabilities as determined by the Conference treasurer. The combination of these costs totals slightly less than ten percent of the value of Killearn’s property and other assets. Certain other record keeping requirements also apply. By the grace of God, Killearn has the resources to pay these costs.
4. Why do we need to vote now?

Paragraph 2553 of the Book of Discipline expires in 2023. More than one hundred churches are seeking to separate from the Florida Conference of the UMC, representing approximately twenty percent of the churches in the Florida Annual Conference. Our Bishop in Florida has indicated that he may call a special session of the Annual Conference this fall for the purpose of approving church disaffiliations under paragraph 2553 of the Book of Discipline. Bishop Carter will finish his term as our Bishop on January 1, and we feel that we should not wait as the next Bishop may not be as reasonable in allowing churches to disaffiliate and additional requirements could be added for those who pursue leaving.
5. Who can vote at the Church Conference?

Those who are members of Killearn United Methodist Church are eligible to vote.

Those who are physically in attendance at the Church Conference on September 11, 2022 will be able to vote.

The decision to disaffiliate must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the professing members of the local church present at the church conference.

All these above are requirements as directed by our Book of Discipline.
6. How will the vote be conducted?

When arriving at the Church Conference each person’s membership will be verified and then given a paper ballot to be used for the vote.

Our District Superintendent will lead the Church Conference, share some opening thoughts, make sure we are clear on what we are voting on, and then lead us in our vote.

The District Superintendent will lead only the voting on disaffiliation.
7. If we vote to disaffiliate, what happens next? 

Our vote will then go for approval to our next Annual Conference which may be held in early fall of this year or even as late as June of 2023. Upon payment of the disaffiliation fees, Killearn will then be able to join another denomination.
8. If we vote to disaffiliate, what will happen at Killearn?

Our church family will not notice any major changes. The relationships we share, worship services, small groups, missions, and our love for all people will remain just as they are now. The biggest changes will be removal of the word “United” in our name and the Cross and Flame insignia as the trademarked logo of the UMC.  We will own outright our property, which we currently hold in trust for the UMC.  

We will still follow our regular Methodist doctrine, theology, teaching, and liturgy.  Nothing we do on Sundays, or any other day will change. Killearn will be the same church we have known and loved for years!

9. I still have questions. Where can I find more information?

Some online resources:
The Global Methodist Church:
The Wesleyan Covenant Association:
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The John Wesley Institute:
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