Say Hello to Mary

Yesterday, we talked about the Martha inside of us. Today, let’s focus on Mary. There is something about Mary that is very appealing. She is more focused on being with Jesus, and she is not consumed by doing for Jesus.

Even in our church’s ministry, we can get so focused on doing for Jesus that we forget how much we need to be with Jesus. I have found a lot of encouragement on being vs. doing from Pete Scazzero. Many years ago, Pete found himself in a serious crisis. He  was a successful pastor with growing leadership influence, but his inner life with God was nearly non-existent. He almost lost everything including his family.

Since then, Pete and his wife, Geri, have given themselves to equipping leaders and churches to move from a shallow Christianity to real depth in Christ. They have developed Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. If you are curious to know more about their resources, visit

One of the keys to this kind of transforming discipleship is the balance between doing and being. An emotionally healthy disciple refers to a person who rejects busyness and hurry in order to reorient their entire life around their personal relationship with Jesus, developing rhythms, setting limits, and following Him wherever he leads. At the same time, they intentionally open the depths of their interior life—their history, their disorientations, their areas of brokenness, and their relationships—to be changed by Jesus. Such disciples are deeply aware of how everything they have and all they are is a gift. So they carry a profound awareness of stewarding their talents as a gift to bless the world for Jesus.

I think Mary was an emotionally healthy disciple. Jesus said that Mary has chosen the what is better. Resist the desire to constantly do and learn to be. There is the secret to contentment.

Let’s pray together.

Dear God,

I've let the act of doing become self-serving, filling the void of discontentment. I thank you for all the ways that you’ve blessed me. And I pray that I may find contentment by slowing down and sitting at your feet, like Mary did.

In His Grip,
Mike Toluba

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