A Season of Discontent

We are officially 60% of the way through Lent. If you are counting, that 24 of the 40 days. This is usually about the time that I start thinking - is Easter ever going to get here? I am desperate for the joy of the resurrection. It’s almost like I become discontent with Lent and all this talk about repentance, confession, and fasting. I find myself longing for the joy of Easter!

I have very much discerned that many people are experiencing a season of discontentment. Now that situation with COVID-19 in our country is overwhelmingly improved . . . truly an answer to prayer! Thank you God for your presence during a most difficult season, and Oh Lord, help us to continue to pray for the parts of the world that are still experiencing so much sickness and even death. Since our part of the world is apparently in a better place with COVID, everything which was an issue before COVID feels like it is moving from the back burner to the front burner again.

I am resisting the trend of feeling overwhelmed by leaning heavily on Jesus in this season. I am claiming the truth that Paul lifts up in Philippians 4:13, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”  Jesus has given us His strength to endure whatever might can our way. We might be pressed, but we cannot be crushed. The strength of Jesus will not fail us even in this season of being discontent with a whole host of things. My front burner list includes war in the Ukraine, politician polarization in America, discrimination among people groups, turbulence in the United Methodist Church, economic inflation, caring for creation, and my daughter getting a learner’s permit to drive a car!

Join me in leaning on Jesus as we press towards Easter. It is also helpful to remember that we are not alone. Remember that sharing is caring and listening is loving. What is causing discontentment in you during this season? How might we encourage each other and rely on the strength of Jesus together?

In His Grip,
Mike Toluba

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