Running the Race (Part 2)

Yesterday, we talked about forgetting your past from Philippians 3. How it that going with your souls today? It is often so very hard to forget the past! It lingers in our souls like old garbage.  

A huge part of forgetting the past is rooted in forgiveness. I hope that you are forgiving yourself of your mistakes. I hope that you are letting go of any resentment you have of anyone who has wronged you. Don’t be afraid of confessing and praying to God about anything in your past. You don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed. God already knows your past however awful it has been, and God offers you His grace and forgiveness unconditionally. Letting go of the past is hard, but there is so much freedom when we are released from the past.

Are you ready to look forward to what lies ahead? God wants to give us a vision of what an abundant and flourishing life will be. God’s plan for each of our lives is not merely surviving but thriving in the power of the Holy Spirit. God invites us into a life that is perfected in love. This kind of perfection is not living free of any errors or mistakes. Making mistakes comes with being human. Being perfected in love is about being so in love with God and our neighbor that sin has no more controlling power in our life.

I don’t know if you realize this reality or not, but you and I are both in sin recovery. Sin is rebellious to live without God’s direction in our life. This recovery is a daily struggle. Our human condition is absolutely addicted to self-centeredness. Our self-esteem has the tendency to fluctuate depending on our success and failures.

The great transformation of the Christian life is the movement of self-centeredness to other-centeredness with loving God first and loving our neighbor second. When this great transformation happens, we truly forget about our past and look forward to what lies ahead. We actually can fix our eyes of Jesus and find our identity fully in God rather  than the self-absorbed things of this world.

God has so much in store for each of us, our whole Killearn family, and the church universal. During these days of Lent, let’s continue to forget the pass and look forward to what lies ahead.

In His Grip,

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