A BIG Question?

John Wesley would open up all small group meetings with the question “How is it with your soul?” So how is your soul doing? How is your spirit faring? Really, how are you?

It’s a jarring question because we often ask, “How are you?” out of habit and usually get impatient when someone has the nerve to actually tell us how they are doing. Perhaps it’s a question we like to avoid because answering it forces us to really take stock on the health of our souls — which often leads to admitting that we may not be doing as well as we want others to think.

It’s really easy to get lost in all the demands of life. We’re so consumed with work and life that we may not realize we are running past our God given limits. Sure, we take days off and vacations, but a lot us are still connected to the business of life. We work so hard and do so much even in our downtime, we may be in danger of losing track of the image of God in us.

So it’s absolutely necessary that we reflect often on this question: How is it with your soul? This is the first question that discipleship bands ask each other.

This question invites me to evaluate my life and my habits. To really take stock of my emotional and spiritual health. It makes me ask even more questions.

What are the things that I’m engaging in that bring my soul closer God?
What are the things that I’m doing that are putting a wedge between God and myself? 

What are the things that I’m doing in my life that really make my soul shine brightly and flourish? 

What are things I’m engaged in that are draining the life out of my soul?

This question also forces me to ask, “Am I confusing routine with commitment?” It’s rather easy to get routine mixed up with commitment because we do our stuff: go to church, read the Bible, pray before certain events or meals. These things become habit… almost second nature.

Prayer is to our souls as breathing is to our bodies. Wesley’s question helps me to make sure my soul is breathing. It reminds me that it’s OK to be human to admit that I’m not doing well and need a little help from my friends. Here is the heart of banded discipleship.

In His Grip,

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