Fix Your Eyes

On Sunday, Pastor Mike had a brilliant illustration about tree skiing. The idea of skiing through an area with trees sounds absolutely terrifying to me, but the wisdom is quite profound! Even a very experienced tree skier needs to look at the empty spaces between the trees rather than looking at the trees themselves. Whatever you fix your eyes upon will determine the direction of your path.

As we enter the final two weeks of our Better Together series, I want to encourage you to set your eyes on your giving to the church for kingdom work. When I was a college student, the people who discipled me put a pretty big emphasis on spiritual disciplines as a path to growing as a disciple of Jesus. Reading the Scriptures, praying, serving, and giving were all vital marks of discipleship. Each one of these practices is just as spiritual as the other. I remember bringing a handwritten check with me to Sunday morning worship each week for between $8 and $12, because that represented 10% of my weekly income during my college years. The internet was a new thing when I was in college, so doing anything online with money was crazy talk! Today, I do all my banking, filing taxes, and giving online which is very safe and convenient.  

Sometimes we might focus so much on our inner life with God to grow in our faith. However, our more outward expressions are just as effective to growing our faith. I am convinced that my giving in those first years as a Christian helped me to grow in Christ in some of the most significant ways.

When it comes to your finances, where are you fixing your eyes? Whatever you fix your eyes upon will determine the direction of your finances. Are you focused most on your rent or mortgage? Are you trying to get out of debt? Saving for college for your kids? Considering a vacation home? Got your eyes set on a new car? All of the above? Or are you not even sure where to focus?

I want to challenge you to make giving a financial priority for 2022. I cannot believe we are actually talking about 2022, but now is the time to prepare for the next year. What would it look like for you to fix your eyes on your giving to the church for kingdom work? Would that change any budget planning for you?

I have discovered that my faith has grown the most as I have learned to trust God with even more of my life. Trusting God to provide for everything you need while being as generous as possible might be your next step to grow as a follower of Jesus. Growing in Jesus is the most exciting grown of our lives. It’s time to start fixing our eyes on what is most important.

In His Grip,
Mike Toluba

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