Stir Up the Gifts

I loved the image of the sugar in the coffee cup that Pastor Mike shared on Sunday morning. Often we think that we need something else from God before we can do something big for the kingdom. However, the Holy Spirit has given each of us one or more spiritual gifts. We are all called Gifted in God’s Kingdom! If you feel like you don’t know your spiritual gifts, it’s time to stir up those gifts like the sugar in the coffee.

There is a gospel song called “Stir Up The Gifts” by Joe Pace. The church that Kathie and I attended during seminary would sing this song in worship. It was one of the first things that popped in my mind when Pastor Mike mentioned this idea in the message on Sunday. Here are the lyrics:

God has not given us the spirit of fear,
but the Lord has given us, power.

Power and love,
His joy and peace,
His happiness,
He has given us a strong mind
Never should I be afraid.

Stir up the gift.

Lay Your hands on me, stir up the gift.

Touch me Lord, stir up the gift.

Stir up the gift.

Here are some thoughts about how you can stir up your spiritual gifts as we reflect on the first chapter of 2 Timothy.

Remember to stir it up and use it (2 Tim. 1:6). Paul was reminding Timothy about what God has done in him. Think back to when your relationship with God started. Whenever you experienced God’s saving grace, you were filled with the Holy Spirit. How has God blessed your life since then? What great things has God done for you?

Share in the sufferings of the gospel (2 Tim. 1:8). Share the gospel with others by inviting people to experience Jesus with you. Stay close to the people in your life who have discipled you. Stick with your church through the good times and the bad times of ministry, sharing in all things together. Since March of 2020, we have experienced the most challenging time of ministry in our lifetime. The power of God will build perseverance and endurance through our sufferings.

Stay true to sound teaching (2 Tim. 1:13, 2:15). Study and listen to Scripture often as well as lessons from Biblical teachers. Getting intimately acquainted with the spirit and truth of Jesus as revealed through the Bible is so critical to living into your spiritual gifts. We should always be seeking after the God’s honest truth in all things and avoiding the lies and the misinformation of the world around us.

Guard your gift (2 Tim. 1:14). Paul told Timothy to "guard it.” We are not to use our spiritual gift haphazardly, but instead, to use it joyfully for its intended use. Our spiritual gift should never be used for selfish gain. Treasure it, protect it, and walk humbly with it, all the while glorifying Jesus.

This is not an exhaustive list, but its truths are foundational when stirring up your spiritual gift. The purpose of these spiritual gifts is to glorify God and to encourage, edify and comfort the church. If you will be open to the power of the Holy Spirit in your life, you might be surprised how gifted you truly are!

In His Grip,
Mike Toluba

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