First Days

First days are so exciting!

The first day of a baby’s life might be the most fantastic first day of all. There is so much joy and sense of wonder. The beauty is often overwhelming. Inevitably, waves of emotions follow in the days ahead from exhaustion to confusion to the fear of the unknown. Yet, being married and a parent has been the best ride of my life!

The first day of the school year feels like a landmark moment for each student and a precious memory each parent. The possibilities of discovering new passions, new friendships, and new opportunities abound. Maybe you even go as far as carefully planning out your outfit on your first day of school.  

The first day of a new job might be the closest equivalent whenever your school days are over. The opportunity to win over new supervisors, co-workers, and clients is often revitalizing. It feels especially significant when the new job represents a new career path.

Pastor Mike is kicking off our new Better Together series by focusing on the first day of the week. There is a pretty crazy story in Acts 20 of Paul teaching all night long and a young man falling out of a three story high window. It feels a little like the craziness of Youth Lock-In. (If you never have been to a youth ministry lock-in, you need to put it on your buckle list.)

I remember when I was new to following Jesus, and I was so excited for Sunday mornings. I could not wait to experience God in community, to see my friends, and go to lunch afterwards. It was a “can’t miss” event every single week!

If you have found your excitement waning on Sunday mornings, I wonder what would happen if we rededicated your life to worshipping God in the first hours of the first day of the week. The Father is still creating new things everyday, Jesus is still redeeming lives everyday, and the Holy Spirit is still sustaining and convicting people everyday.

This Sunday is the first day of Better Together. It will be an exciting time to focus on community in worship together. Don’t miss this first - it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! Hope to see you in the sanctuary or online.

In His Grip,
Mike Toluba

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