Welcome to our Better Together blog! During this worship series, we are inviting you to share in this online conversation together. My hope is that digital dialogue will help us grow closer together, especially considering the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.  

Join us on this journey as we give laser focus to three key marks of discipleship: presence, service, and gifts.

Presence is about the value of being in community together. God did not create us to live in isolation. We were created for relationship with God and others. Many people experience close relationships with people in your family. That is a great thing! Followers of Jesus understand family in a more wholistic way than the stereotypical American family. We are adopted as heirs of the Almighty God, and we are sisters and brothers in Christ. We are bound and bonded together in a way that far exceeds our biology or our residence. God redefines family to include everyone in our community.

Service is about refocusing our lives on the needs of others rather than be solely focused on our own needs. Before I had a clue about Jesus, I was a very self-centered person. I always did things that were in my own self interest. I was only interested in people who could do something that served me. However, Jesus actually made a big deal about coming to serve and not to be served. Jesus models leadership as serving others. We will live this idea out together with Sleep in Heavenly Peace on September 18. I hope you will be there to serve on that Saturday morning!

Gifts are about a spirit of generosity. We are generous with our community - the people we love the most. If someone in my family needs something, I will give all the resources that I have to meet that need. We are generous when we give our time and energy away in the service of other people. We are generous every time we give sacrificially. I have discovered the longer I have walked with Jesus, the gift of generosity has continually increased in my life.  

COMMUNITY - SERVICE - GENEROSITY are some of the things that our world needs the most right now. These pillars are absolutely critical for the kingdom of God to be more clearly revealed across the Earth and around Tallahassee.

I hope that you will make a dedicated commitment to be Better Together for the next TEN SUNDAYS either in person or online for worship. That might sound like a huge commitment. It actually might be a total of 20 hours over the next 10 weeks. Did you realize that there are 1,680 hours during this 10 week span of your life. Will you dedicate 2.4% of time to be Better Together?  

See you Sunday!

In His Grip,
Mike Toluba

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